Batman: Gotham Knights was the first story in Gary's DC Universe.

Batman Begins (Volume 1, first 10 comics)Edit

Comic #1: The Origin StoryEdit

Bruce Wayne, a young six year old, stumbles into a cave full of bats underneath his home, Wayne Manor. His father, Thomas Wayne, rescues him shortly afterward, but Bruce still feels nervous in the world following the event. Also afterward, Bruce developed a fear of bats. 

Two years later, Bruce and his parents, Thomas and Martha, are walking home from Gray Ghost: The Movie. A mugger, Joe Chill, shoots down Bruce's parents right before his eyes. Bruce screams in fright, and Chill escapes before the police arrived. Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne's butler, took young Bruce in and took care of him for many years.

Following his college years, Bruce traveled the world and learned mixed martial arts. Once he returned to Gotham City, he saw it not to be very different; full of villains. Finally taking charge, Bruce went on a hunt for Joe Chill; the man who killed his parents.

Bruce returned to Wayne Manor, and once again stumbled across a cave of bats. Now that he had overcame his fear, he decided to take up a superhero name; Batman. Batman became the protector of Gotham City, and has been even since.