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Insider, Matches Malone, Justin Wells



Damian Wayne (son, deceased)
Dick Grayson (adopted son)
Tim Drake (adopted son)
Jason Todd (adopted son)
Cassandra Cain (adopted daughter)
Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)
Thomas Wayne (father, deceased)
Alfred Pennyworth (former guardian)
Roderick Kane (grandfather, deceased)
Elizabeth Kane (grandmother, deceased)
Nathan Kane (uncle, deceased)
Simon Hurt (ancestor)
Wayne Family, Solomun Wayne (Great Grandfather)







Marital Status

Businessman, Philanthropist, Vigilante


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Quote1 Sometimes, I admit, I think of Bruce as a man in a costume. Then, with some gadget from his utility belt, he reminds me that he has an extraordinarily inventive mind. And how lucky I am to be able to call on him. Quote2
-- Superman

Batman is the superhero protector of Gotham City, a man dressed like a bat who fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his secret identity he is Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy. Although he has no superhuman powers, he is one of the world's smartest men and greatest fighters. His physical prowess and technical ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent. He is also a founding member of the Justice League and the Outsiders.


Batman is the protector of Gotham City. He was born Bruce Wayne, son of billionaire industrialists Thomas and Martha Wayne. When he was 12 years old his parents were shot and killed by a mugger named Joe Chill. 5 years later Bruce was still unable to move on from his parent's deaths. When Joe Chill was to be released from prisonearly as part of a deal to testify against Gotham mob boss Salvatore Maroni (with whom he had shared a prison cell) in exchange for parole Bruce felt he had to take matters into his own hands. Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology.


Early Life



Saving the Elliots

A Night to the Theatre

Teen Years

Feeling Alienated

Julie Madison

Hostage Situation

The Trial of Joe Chill

Seeking Justice

World Travels

Training with Wildcat

Henri Ducard

Working Through Pain

First Encounter with Talia

" Bruce: What do you want with me?

Talia: I represent an organization that has been watching you for a long time. Think of this audition"

The League of Shadows

The Final Test

The Dark Knight

Returning to Gotham

A Sign

Becoming the Bat

Birth of a Hero

First Encounter with Red Hood

The Only Thing to Fear

Tracking an Assassin


Enigma Conundrum

Red Hood Returns

Night of the Owls

The Court of Owls

Strange's Endgame

Gotham's Descent

Confrontation at the Ace Chemical Building

Forming an Alliance with Gordon

The Man who Laughs

Roman Sionis

Bringing Down Falcone

Cobblepot's Revenge

Personality and Traits

Bruce Wayne is very dedicated and determined to his work of crime-fighting, sometimes employing illegal and morally dubious tactics (like torture) but ultimately for the good of Gotham. Although possessing great hate and anger towards criminals, he has proven himself a very caring and selfless person, constantly putting his life on the line to save innocent lives and bringing the most dangerous criminals to justice for society's protection. He always refused to turn his back on those in need of his help. He would go to great lengths and take great risks in order to help others, particularly his loved ones. Notably, this was taken advantage of by Edward Nigma (Also known as the Riddler) when he kidnapped his former girlfriend Julie Madison, as part of an elaborate attempt for Nigma to prove his superiority to Bruce.

Because of his fierce dedication to his work, Bruce felt he could not let personal relationships. He frequently pushed people away. He very rarely showed emotion towards anyone. Wayne felt that if he showed too much emotion towards anyone and his enemies found out about it they could exploit it and someone could get hurt. There have only been a few people in Bruce's life that he let his guard down around.

To the public, Bruce Wayne takes on the facade of a irresponsible, arrogant, fun-seeking playboy in order to avoid suspicion of his alter-ego, while as Batman he reveals his dark, intimidating personality in the form of a bat (his childhood fear for his enemies to dread) to frighten the criminals he stands against, believing theatricality to help him seem more than a man, but a symbol. Bruce Wayne's ultimate goal is to bring order and justice to Gotham city, as opposed to the Joker who's ultimate goal is to bring chaos and anarchy.

Bruce was frequently wracked with self-loathing and insecurities. He often wondered if he was truly doing any good in his war against crime as it seemed to be an endless battle. Sometimes he felt like he was doing more harm than good, as his actions have brought suffering onto others in the form of criminals like The Joker and Two-Face.


Thomas and Martha Wayne

Alfred Pennyworth

Commissioner James Gordon

Ra's Al Ghul

Thomas Elliot

Julie Madison

Julie Madison was Bruce Wayne's first love. The two first met at a Wayne Enterprises Christmas party. Bruce was immeadiately attracted to her. As he got to know her he began to see her as the only person he could truly be himself around. She did not see him as the Billionaire Heir to a massive business empire but as a person. Julie was always a person he could count on. She was always there for him whenever he needed a shoulder to cry on. Julie felt she could relate to Bruce because of how she tragically lost her mother to cancer when she was only 7 years old.

Their friendship eventually blossomed into a passionate romance. Their relationship was a source of extreme happiness and extreme sorrow and heartbreak for both of them. She went to extreme lengths to help him and protecting him, even openly searching for Bruce after he was taken hostage. After hearing of Joe Chill's impending trail Bruce retracted from her. He was internally conflicted by his desire to lead a normal life with Julie and keep the promise he made to himself to avenge his parent's deaths. He eventually decided that he could not sit idlly by while the man who murdered his parents walked free. Bruce chose to take justice into his own hands despite Julie's begging. He hunted Chill down with the intention of killing him.

Lucius Fox

Talia Al Ghul

Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

====The Joker====

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Indomitable Will: Although he has no superhuman powers, Batman's unstoppable determination and strength of will make him an extremely formidable opponent. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain, and also allows him to resist telepathy or mind control.[citation needed] His willpower is strong enough to operate a Green Lantern Ring when necessary.[1]
  • Intimidation: It is widely known that Batman has the ability to instill fear in others, even the people that know him best are intimidated by him. Even those who aren't afraid of the likes of Superman fear Batman. His ability to inspire great fear made him eligible for induction into the Sinestro Corps, although he was able to fight off the power ring's control.
  • Interrogation: Batman is adept in interrogation techniques, often using law enforcement methods as well as torture. Several methods seen include hanging a person over the edge of a building by one leg or chaining a person upside down and beating them. He usually just plain uses his frightening appearance to get answers. "Fear is an excellent motivator" he once said.
  • Investigation
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Through intense training, specialized diet, and biofeedback treatments, Batman represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess. His physical attributes exceeded that of any Olympic level athlete that has ever completed. Strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes and coordination are at peak human perfection. Batman began his physical and mental conditioning when he was 11 and then intense physical training and weight lifting at age 12. He has mastered full body control by the time he was 18. Bruce Wayne, since the age of 15, has created a strict diet to enable his body to develop and operate at its most proficient, along with biofeedback treatments (using portable/non portable machines to stimulate muscles to contraction). Batman has performed amazing physical feats due to his superior physique. He engaged in an intensive regular regimen of rigorous exercise (including aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, and simulated combat) to keep himself in peak condition, and has often defeated opponents whose size, strength, or other powers greatly exceeded his own. He has spent his entire life in pursuit of physical perfection and has attained it through constant intensive training and determination.
  • Peak Human Strength: Batman regularly bench-presses at least 1000 lbs. during his exercise routine.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Bruce's reflexes were honed to such a degree that he has caught one of Green Arrow's arrows in mid flight when he tried to shoot him.[citation needed] He has also been able to dodge point blank gunfire.
  • Peak Human Speed: He could run at speeds comparable to the finest competing athletes.
  • Peak Human Endurance: His endurance was comparable to that of the finest Olympic Decathlon participant.[citation needed] His lung capacity was so great that he could hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes and 15 seconds.[2] He can survive in the airless vacuum of space for exactly 27 seconds.[3]
  • Peak Human Agility: His agility was greater than that of a Chinese acrobat and an Olympic gold medalist gymnast. His main phase of movement was Parkour which he learned in France and used that to scale the cities rooftops in an acrobatic manner.
  • Acrobatics: He is proficient in gymnastics and acrobatics.
  • Martial Arts: Bruce is well trained in multiple martial arts, he is known as the man who has mastered 127 forms of martial arts. His primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Boxing, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu and Capoeira.
  • Weaponry: Through his martial arts training, he has become an expert on all melee weapons. Wayne has displayed exceptional sword fighting capability and proficiency with knives, sticks and various other weapons. He practices during his combat sessions to keep his skills intact, but he prefers unarmed combat.
  • Stealth: His Ninjutsu training has made him a master at stealth and capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected.
  • Marksmanship: Wayne is an expert marksman skilled. He is skilled with throwing projectile weapons, archery and firearms. He has been practicing such skills since the early days of his training and is almost on par with the Green Arrow in terms of accuracy.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Batman is a brilliant, virtually peerless, detective, strategist, scientist, tactician, and commander; he is widely regarded as one of the keenest analytical minds on the planet. Given his lack of superpowers, he often uses cunning and planning to outwit his foes, rather than simply "out-fighting" them.
  • Polymath: He has studied Biology, Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Mythology, Geography, & History. Gained degrees in Criminal Science, Forensic Sciences, Computer Sciences, Chemistry and Engineering by the time he was 21. He has mastered Diverse Environmental Training, Security Systems, and illusion/sleight of hand by the time he was 23. He gained even more degrees in Biology, Physics, Advanced Chemistry, and Technology by the time he was 25. He had learned Forensic Sciences, Medical Sciences, Expanded Computer and Engineering Sciences,Template:Original research and Expanded Device Pool use of personal powered armor and system, database creation on underworld crime bosses, rogue's gallery foes and other supervillains; improved material sciences for body armor and micro-machinery by the time he was 26.[citation needed] Has also learned Advanced New Development in Forensic and Medical Sciences.[citation needed]
  • Eidetic Memory: Batman has total recall and can remember anything in great detail.
  • Investigation: He is widely considered as the World's Greatest Detective, capable of observation, forensic investigation, and inductive and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. Human intuition is an unlearnable trait and one of Batman's most effective tools. Given any mystery, he can arrive at the correct conclusions with a fraction of the data.Template:Original research
  • Multilingualism: He is able to speak Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hindi, Thai and possibly more.[citation needed]
  • Tactical Analysis: He commonly utilizes cunning tactics to outwit his foes. He is an excellent leader and at times commands the Justice League and the Outsiders, Batman is known as one of the greatest strategists and tacticians in the dc universe, and once even Aquaman stated the same.
  • Leadership: He is known for having great leadership. He is leader of the Outsiders, the Bat Family and Batman Incorporated. Also he is in charge of his whole company.
  • Escapology: He has been described as second only to Mister Miracle as an escape artist.[citation needed] He has been seen escaping from a Posey straitjacket in less than 52 seconds, and remarked afterwards that the time was way too slow for him.[citation needed]
  • Driving: Bruce is proficient at driving many vehicles like cars, motor bikes, trucks and he is also skillful at driving jets, helicopters and auto boats and small ships.
  • Tracking: Trained in hunting techniques by African Bushmen (the Ghost Tribes of the Ten-eyed Brotherhood, among others).[citation needed]
  • Disguise: Has mastered the art of disguise by the time he was 23.[citation needed] Has further learned expanded disguise techniques by the time he was 26.[citation needed] Batman has many aliases he uses to infiltrate the underworld or just to go undercover in public situations. His current aliases are: Matches Malone, Thomas Quigley, Ragman, Detective Hawke, Sir Hemingford Grey, Frank Dixon, Gordon Selkirk, and Mr. Fledermaus.[citation needed]
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Proficient at combat driving. Has learned improved vehicle designs. Was trained and proficient in basic vehicles operations.
  • Business Management: Bruce Wayne has extensive skills and experience in business management, has thorough understanding of financial marketing and management and is often known as a example of successful industrialist and businessman on par to Lex Luthor.

Strength level

  • Peak Human Strength: Batman engages in an intensive exercise regimen, and because of this, his strength, like all other physical attributes, is at the peak of human perfection. He is shown to be able to bench-press at least 1000 lbs.[4]


None known.



  • Batsuit: The costume Batman wears is composed of reinforced Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium; it's bullet-proof and resistant to various types of attack (explosions, impacts, falls, etc...). It's also flame-retarding and insulating. The gloves and the boots are reinforced to rebound the impact of punches and kicks. The gloves have also some metallic blades on their sides. The cape is designed to provide the wearer with controlled gliding functionality with the ability to change directions and heights while in mid-air. The mask has a little percentage of lead, which shields the face of Batman from x-ray powers or x-ray technology, and incorporates an infrared and night visor, auditory sensors and a sonar. The mask is accessorized with some security systems (aggravating gas, electric blasts, etc.), like the utility belt, and integrates a transmitter receiver device de voice and video.
  • Utility Belt: Batman keeps most of his personal field equipment in a signature piece of apparel, a yellow utility belt.The utility belt has a button to call the car in a few appearances on Justice League, and a command for teleportation. Over the years it has contained items such as plastic explosives, nerve toxins, batarangs, smoke bombs, a fingerprint kit, a cutting tool, a grappling hook gun, torches, a "re-breather" breathing device, and lockpicks. Superman had entrusted Batman with a ring made of kryptonite, to be used should the Man of Steel ever need to be reined in (due to being mind-controlled by a villain, etc.). The Kryptonite Ring is contained in a lead pocket, in order to shield Batman from its radiations. The belt has also its own automatic security systems.




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  • Bruce Wayne rarely drinks alcohol. Dick Grayson has mentioned that he's seen Bruce drink less times than he can count on one hand. When Stephanie Brown died, he drank Purcell's 12-year-old bourbon.
  • Batman's online screenname is JonDoe297.
  • Bruce Wayne's favorite meal is Mulligatawny soup.{{#if: |

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