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"Gadget Girl", Technomage




Victor "Vic" Stone (father), Jennifer "Jenny" Stone (Mother), Stone family







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She is the daughter of Cyborg and Jinx.

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Sarah Stone 2

Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone was born in the year 2038 to Victor Stone and Jenny Stone in San Francisco, California. Many considered it a MIRACLE that Sarah was even BORN...

      given that her Father was Half Robot, and her mother has "questionable" powers.

      but, reguardless...Cyborg and Jinx were blessed with a daughter.       a daughter who by a stroke of "luck"...was born a MechaMorph. Sarah grew up listening to her father old stories from when he was a superhero and back n the Teen Titans and later the Justice League. So in 2056, when Robin (Beyond) ask her to join his new team, Young Justice Beyond, she joined. 

Powers and Abilities


Nanite Cybernetics: Sarah Stone is a cyborg, created from DNA from  Jinx and Cyborg and the technology of Cyborg . Nanite technology was so advanced that, her blood has been replaced with 9 pints metallic liquid full of nanobots; tiny machines controlled by her will. She can do almost anything she imagines with her nanobots including adapting to the environment or any other adverse affects that afflict her. Her main use of her nanites are to coat herself in a metal liquid form to allow for better and more complete control over her powers as well as giving her protection. When she not coated it's nigh impossible to determine she is a cyborg.

  • Technomorphing: techno-assimilative capabilities allowing her to incorporate new and foreign machinery into her metamorphic chassis at will, affording her not only base control over technology and cybernetics as a whole but also allowing her to bond with it and intuitively understand it's function parameters.
  • Teleportation: BioTech is able to teleport herself and anyone she chooses a small distance.
  • Energy Projection: She can generate powerful energy shields capable of deflecting extremely high power sonic blasts and augment her blows with energy of an unspecified nature which allows them shear through steel such as molybdenum-steel with ease.
  • Shape-Shifting: She can reshape parts of her body into various weapons and technological equipment.
  • Plasticity: She can extend and stretch her metallic form with ease.
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Nanite Fabricating: Visually, her most impressive power is the ability to create almost anything out of the trace elements that exist in the air and soil that surround her, from machine gun hands to literal clones of herself. There really is no limit to what her machines can do other than her imagination. 
  • Self-Duplication: Her body allows her to make an exact duplicate of herself; which she is mental contact with. Each copy possesses the same abilities and knowledge as the original and each can act in conjunction with each other. She can create up to 82 of these duplicates before her mind starts to dissociate. BioTech needs to maintain concentration to actively control the details of what her duplicates do.
  • Nanite Infection: Her ability allows her to spread viruses (that can affect both machines and people). She can send it into the body of another to determine how they work physiologically or even to shut down their body or gain some measure of control.
  • Nanite Disintegration: By extending the nano load in a sphere from her body as far as it'll go without killing her, she can extrude the machinery out into a web of knives small enough to slip between atoms.
  • Nanite Knowledge: For intensive purposes her nanites are a vast repository of information and she is capable of literally storing the knowledge of every book on earth in a drop of her blood.
  • Nanite Sensors: She has developed an invisible web of atom-sized machine sensors around her, it acts a security field, its highly sensitive to environmental changes.
  • Telescopic Vision
    • Tracking/Homing Systems
    • Physiological/Medical Scanners
  • Technopathy: She has the ability to interface directly with machines using her nanites as connection. She can also interact with computers and accumulate all the data within.
  • Electrokinesis: Her Technopathy could manifest as a special form of electrical manipulation, a type form of shape-shifting which allows physical interaction with machines.
  • Flight: Sarah can also fly without any visible form of propulsion.
  • Interstellar Travel: Sarah uses Electromagnetism to invert mesons and gravitons to attain escape velocity. Once she has she can return to the use of her nanites to drift and propel herself through space.
  • Digital Form: While in this form she can travel through cyberspace, exactly like astronauts who explore outer space with additional of certain abilities in cyberspace because the rules of the real world don't apply so teleporting yourself by mere force of will is entirely valid.


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