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Bruce Thomas Wayne
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Thomas Wayne (father, deceased); Martha Wayne (mother, deceased); Andrea Beaumont (ex-fiancée); Terrence McGinnis (son), Matthew McGinnis (son); Susan Maguire (temporary wife)

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Quote1 I am vengeance... I am the night... I am Batman! Quote2
-- Batman

Bruce Wayne, a millionaire playboy philanthropist, is a resident of Gotham City. During the night, he is the Dark Knight, better known by the residents of Gotham as Batman.


Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne sometime in 1982(?). He had a very happy life until the dreadful day when he was 10. It was the fall of 1992, and his parents were walking him home from a movie. A mugger, named Joe Chill, approached them in an alley, threatening to kill Martha is she didn't hand over the purse. Thomas jumped into action, protecting his family. He was then shot by Chill. Martha ordered Bruce to run. Listening to his mother's command, he ran at full speed away from the alleyway to return to his home, Wayne Mannor, and then heard yet another gunshot. He rushed back to the alley to find Chill running with the purse. Bruce looked down, staring at his mother's dead body. In tears, Bruce ran home to his butler Alfred. The next day, Gotham City Police Department reported to Alfred that Bruce would be under his custody. Heartbroken, Bruce and Alfred went to they're funeral. They then returned home, leaving Bruce to only hope that one day he would avenge his parents.

One day in his early twenties, Bruce found some bats living in a cave underneath his home. Like his former childhood idol, The Gray Ghost, Bruce decided to become a superhero. From that night onward, he became Batman, a superhero that would fight crime at all costs to protect the innocent. Only Alfred had known the secret identity, and they planned to keep it that way. Alfred gladly created the cave Batman's secret headquarters, called "The Batcave". Bruce was happy with his alter ego, and still fights crime today.

However, once when Batman found some robbers in a gambling room, he saw the man that ruined his life; the killer of his parents, Joe Chill. Grabbing him by the neck, he dragged Chill into a alleyway, shouting at him that he had mugged his parents. With a spark of sarcasm, Joe noted that he's killed many parents. Bruce reminded him of the night he killed the Wayne's. With anger, he removed his cowl, screaming to the man that HE was Bruce Wayne, their child. Shocked, Joe pulled out a gun and began to head back inside. Not allowing it, Batman punched him in the face, eventually hurting him so badly that he killed him. Batman quickly fled from the scene, promising to himself he would never kill any evil-doers again, even if they had to do with the deaths of his closest friends.

Sometime following the death of Chill, Bruce founded Wayne Enterprises. He also became a founder of the Justice League.

Justice League: Legacy

In the first episode,


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None known.


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  • Heart Condition: In the future, Bruce has an illness that prevents him from doing any serious exercise. He requires rest and his medicine after doing anything tiring.
  • Restricted Mobility: Also in his elderly age, Bruce requires a cane to walk around, unable to on his own anymore.



  • Utility Belt
  • Batsuit: While his first batsuits were low-tech, as he grew older, he designed a batsuit with neuromuscular amplification and flight capabilities.
  • Batcomputer: The Batcomputer was cutting edge even in the 2040's.


  • Batmobile
    • First Batmobile: Batman's first Batmobile was an adapted car of his own design.
    • Second Batmobile: After the first car broke down, Batman acquired the services of Earl Cooper, a car designer who had been fired for whistle-blowing, to design him a new one.
    • Third Batmobile: An upgraded version of the second one after its destruction at the hands of the Penguin.
    • Fourth Batmobile: Also known as the KnightStriker, the fourth Batmobile served Batman during his years in the Justice League.
    • Fifth Batmobile: A flying Batmobile, primarily used by his successor to the mantle, Terry McGinnis.
  • Batboat
  • Batwing
    • First Batwing: A sleek experimental flying wing.
    • Second Batwing: A more conventionally shaped fighter jet. He made spares; several of them were destroyed in battle.
    • Third Batwing: During his later years in the Justice League, Batman designed a more futuristic jet that was up-to-date with the latest aeronautical innovations.
  • Javelin: During his years in the Justice League, Batman would occasionally travel in one of the League's Javelins rather than his own vehicles.


  • Batarang: Batman wielded a wide array of Batarangs, from simple metal throwing weapons to explosive versions.
  • Batrope
  • Bolos


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