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Teenagers/Grown Up  (Original members) 

  • Richard (Dick) Grayson / Nightwing (Earth-126AA)
  • Kara Zor-L (Earth-126AA)
  • Roy Harper / Arsenal (Earth-126AA)
  • Grath/Tempest (Earth-126AA) 
  • Donna Troy / Wonder Girl II (Earth-126AA)
  • Wally West/Kid Flash I/The Flash III (Earth-126AA)
  • Lilith Clay/Omen 
  • Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde/Aqua-Lad II (Earth-126AA) 
  • Kell-El/Superman-X (Earth-126AA) 
  • Brabara Gordon / Batgirl I/Oracle (Earth-126AA)
  • Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Batgirl II (Earth-126AA)
  • Cassandra Cain/Batgirl II/Black Bat/Orphan (Earth-126AA)
  • Harper Row / Blue-Brid  (Earth-126AA)
  • Lilith Clay/Omen (Earth-126AA) 
  • Rachel Roth/Raven (Earth-126AA) 
  • Starfire (Earth-126AA) 
  • Natasha Irons (Earth-126AA)
  • Traci Thirteen (Earth-126AA)
  • Thea Queen/Arsenal II(Red Arrow  (Earth-126AA)
  • Lorena Marquez/Aqua-Girl II (Earth-126AA)
  • Blue Arrow (Earth-126AA)
  • Blue Beetle II (Earth-126AA)
  • Lagoon Boy (Earth-126AA)
  • Beast Boy (Earth-126AA)
  • M'gann M'orzz (Earth-126AA)
  • Frederick Freeman / Captain SHAZAM Jr. (Earth-126AA)
  • Zatanna Zatara (Earth-126AA)
  • Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock (Earth-126AA) 
  • Jessica Cruz / Green Lantern II (Earth-126AA)
  • Simon Braz / Green Lantern (Another) (Earth-126AA)

New Teenager characters 

  • Duke Thomas / Robin IIII (Earth-126AA)
  • Val-Zod/Superboy II (Earth-126AA) 
  • Wallace R West /KidFlash III/ Kid Flash (Earth-126AA)

My Role Playing Characters (Adaptation of oroginal characters from comics) 

  • Knor-El/Robert Kent/ Superboy (Earth-126AA)
  • Van "Timothy" Wayne/ Robin III/Red Robin (Earth-126AA)
  • Drusilla /Megan /Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder-Girl III/Wonder Amazon (Earth-126AA) 
  • Ace Allen/Impulse/Kid Flash II (Earth-126AA) 
  • Alex/ICE - Kid/Metahuman (Earth-126AA) 
  • Caron Cyan/Green Lantern (Earth-126AA)

Legion of Superheroes Team 

Cosmic Boy

Lightning Lad 

Saturn Girl 

Timber Wolf 

Bouncing Boy

Chameleon Boy

Dream Girl

Phantom Girl

Element Lad


Ambush Bug

Star Boy

Colossal Boy

Booster Gold 


  • Brainiac 5/Querl Dex (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Catwoman (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lobo (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Hunter Zolomon/Godspeed (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Mister Mxyztplk (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Pamela Isley (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Katana (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jericho (Joseph Wilson) (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Malcom MERLYN (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Slade Wilson (DeathStroke) (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Maxwell Lord (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Teth (Black) Adam (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Amon Tomaz / Osiris (Earth-126AA) </li></li></li></li></li>
  • Andrea Tomaz (Thomas) / Isis (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jade Nguyen (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Harleen Quinzel (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lex Luthor (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li> Alexandra Luthor (Earth-126AA)
  • Lena "Lori"Luthor (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lucas "Julian"Luthor (Earth-126AA) </li>


    Injustice / Gang / League / Team (Earth-126AA)

    League of Shadows (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>

  • The Light (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Fish Mooney (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Joker (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Atomic Skull  (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Poison Ivy (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Black Adam (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Killer Croc (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Wotan  (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Bazarro / Match (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Giganta (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Cheshire (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Ra's al Ghul (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Sportsmaster  (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Bane (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Red Claw (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Copper-Head (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Aresia (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Black Beetle (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Scarlet Scarab (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Queen Bee (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jewelee (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Killer Frost (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • The Riddler (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Darksied (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Cyborg Superman (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Grace/Amazon (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Anissa Pierce/Thunder (Earth-126AA)</li>


  • Brittania (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • FireStorm (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • The Guardian (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • StormGuard (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Commander Steel (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • The Ray (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Apollo (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Katana (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • B'arzz O'oomm - Green Beetle (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Adam Strange (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Rampage (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lady Shiva (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • STEEL - John Henry Irons (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (Earth-126AA)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Blue Jay/Blue Angel (Earth-126AA) </li>

    Supporting Characters

    </li> </li> </li> </li>

  • James Gordon</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Harvey Bullock</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Renee Montoya</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Aaron Crash  (Security guard in Arkham Asylum)</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Nathaniel Barnes </li></li></li></li></li>
  • Ellen Yin </li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jesse Hawke </li></li></li></li></li>
  • Angel Rojas </li></li></li></li></li>
  • John Diggle</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lucius Fox </li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lisa Lasalle</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Lois Lane</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Chloe Sullivan</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Ellen Yin</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jenny Jurwich</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Steve Trevor</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Alfred Pennyworth</li></li></li></li></li>
  • Jimmy Olsen</li>
            • Perry White
            • C. Gordon
            • Julia Pennyworth
            • Cassie King Jones
            • Mia Dearden
            • Felicity Smoak 
            • Cat Grant 
            • Alex Danvers 
            • Winn Schott
            • Maggie Sawyer
            • Tula/Aqua-Girl I (Earth-126AA) (Cameo)
            • Hal Jordon/Green Lantern II (Earth-126AA) (Cameo)
            • Guy Grander/Red Lantern (Earth-126AA) (Cameo)


    </li> </li> </li> </li>

  • Gotham City Police Department</li>
            • England / London
            • Gotham City / Gotham Police Department
            • City of Metropolis / Daily Planet
            • Starling City/Star City  
            • Central City 
            • New York
            • Arkham Asylum
            • Earth
            • Space
            • Watch-Tower 
            • Arrow Cave 
            • Paradise Island 
          • This universe takes the elements of Earth-D, Earth-23, Earth-16, DCU, DC Animated Universe (Movies), New Earth and DC Universe Online. I also added DC Rebirth in this fan fiction as well. 
          • This was called Earth-612AA. 
          • Some characters are based of some characters from The Multiverses and alternate realities.
          • My Character Lucy Seward / Rainbow Girl created as a pastiche of Marvel Comics' Karolina Dean / Lucy in the Sky and Power Pack's Member Julie Power / Lightspeed.
          • The original characters are in Earth-126AA and I’m adding new characters from Rebirth, New 52 and other media as extras/new characters relating to the originals. 
          • My role playing cahracters are an adapatation and based of original characters/extras as part of a family team like Batman and Superman families
          • ​Ron-El - A Superman Character: Kon-El, Mon-El, Don-El, Jon-El and Non-El
          • ​Knor is not a clone but another sole survivor from Krypton as another city of Kandor, not Kara Zor L because she helped Knor escape into the pod and got kidnapped by Darkseid, being used as an evil powerful weapon. 
          • After being found by Kal-L/Superman-He's being adopted into the Kents family and take the name "Robert or Adam Kent" and becomes Super-Boy. 
          • He's a younger brother of Kal-L. 
          • William "Van" Wayne - A Batman Character:The combination of Tim/Timothy Drake, Damian Wayne, Terry Mcginnis, Bruce Wayne JR and Thomas Wayne JR.He's the Cousin of Bruce Wayne but in the Batman comics and TV Powerless Van Wayne exists but only appeared once or twice in different stories. My version of Van Wayne's life is similar to Thea Queen from the Arrow TV series. I'm still working on his appearence in this story. 
          • My version of Duke Thomas as the fourth Robin- He replaced Daiman's spot as the fourth Robin alongside Val Zod and Wallace R West. 
          • Wallace R West - Taken the spot of Bart Allen being an member of Young Justice.
          • Val-Zod - Taken the spot of Kon-El being an member of Young Justice.
          • Some charatcers are created exculsive as an adaptation of the original cahracters from comics and animated movies, cartoons and TV shows. 
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