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Real Name
Hunter Bromley
Current Alias


Justice League

Daniel Bromley (Father, Desceased), Nicole Bromley (Mother, Desceased), Jane Bromley (Sister), Kara Zor-El (Wife)





Marital Status

Member of the Justice League, CEO of Bromley Industries

Scientific Experimentation

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Hunter Bromley was born on July 17,1992 in Metropolis to scientist Daniel Bromley and actress Nicole Bromley. He was born and raised, as well as educated in Metropolis and majored in technology. Soon after his parents told him about what he was and what his potential is in life. Soon after, Hunter had discovered his parents died in a car accident and so he took his parents' advice and started fighting for good.


Daniel Bromley decided to create a being using the equipment at STAR Labs to create an embryo of 3 different species, Kryptonian, Green Martian and added his Human DNA to the mix as well. He injected it into his wife while she was sleeping and the next morning found her pregnant and ready to give birth. They gave birth to Hunter and his sister Jane.

Early Life

By his 20's, Hunter was given a grant by the United States Government to create a multi-million dollar corporation called "Bromley Industries", which rapidly became allied with Wayne Enterprises in Gotham, however a corporate rival of Lexcorp in Metropolis. By this time, Hunter also became acquainted with a scientist named Michael Byrd who was known by his alter ego "Catboy". Hunter offered this man a job and he graciously accepted it after being fired from his most recent employer.

Entering the Justice League

After taking down a few bad guys, Hunter was approached by Superman, who offered him a position in the Justice League. Hunter accepted it and met with the Justice League's main members, then later he met Supergirl (Kara Zor-El). Later on, Hunter and Kara would become soulmates and then after that, lovers.

Relationship & Marriage

Hunter and Kara dated for almost 2 years, then during their conflict with an Alternate Justice League, Hunter realized that he was nothing without her in his life. On the night of their 2 year anniversary, Hunter decided to propose to Kara, so she would never be alone and she accepted. Within a week, both Hunter and Kara were married, which after the wedding, they had a large reception. They spent their honeymoon on the island of Themyscira.

Powers and Abilities


Hybrid's heritage's are very well known because he is from 3 different species, which gives him maximum potential that all three separately cannot accomplish. Unlike his Kryptonian, Human and Green Martian counterparts, Hybrid is powerful enough to withstand both Kryptonite and Fire separately. He also possesses genetic memory, intangibility, invisibility, vision based powers, psychokinesis and even flight. Hybrid is also known to have supermentality, as well as telepathy, immunity to disease and even shapeshifting.

Kryptonian/Green Martian/Human Hybrid



Strength level

He is known to be as strong as Superman and Martian Manhunter combined, making him powerful enough to battle villains like Darkseid with ease.


Hybrid is known to possess 2 weaknesses and even though there are 2, they can really subdue him if he ever encounters them. Pyronite's harmful effects can be neutralized by a new form of lead called "Aqueous Lead".

  • Vulnerability to Pyronite which is made from a conventional fire and a chunk of Kryptonite, that is in turn fused together. Hybrid reacts the same way Superman does to Kryptonite, he as well as his sister are the only ones to get subdued because even though it's kryptonite based, the fire eliminates it's effect Kyptonians and the kryptonite part eliminates the fire's effect on Green Martians.
  • Vulnerability to Mananite which is nothing more than Kryptonite that has been enchanted with magic. It doesn't harm him like Pyronite, however weapons made or laced from Mananite is known to be highly effective against Hybrid. The only reason why it is not deadly to him is because only his Kryptonian part is vulnerable to magic, where as his Green Martian part provides him with some protection against the substance.


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