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Kryptonian Magis

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Kryptonian-magi are Kryptonian born with ability to use magic, a critically endangered humanoid species from the now-destroyed planet Krypton. Del Im-Re is the last of the Kryptonian-magi. NoteThul-Kar  does count as a member but he exist in an questionable state. 

History of the Krytonian Magi

The Valley of Juru was a region on the planet Krypton which gave rise to a group of mystics known as the Wizards of Juru. These Kryptonians had learnt the arts of magick and were capable of great acts of sorcery. Even at the height of Kryptonian civilization, the Valley of Juru remained one of the few unexplored regions on the planet. Their "race" Kryptonian Magi was born within this unexplored region where few suspected of their existence and even fewer believers of their beliefs.

Kryptonian Magi like their Earth counter points Homo Magi , were Kryptonians born into a Kryptonian sub-race with the ability to use magic as an innate talent instead of studying. The Kryptonian Magi evolved in a parallel but separate line, alongside Kryptonians. The Valley of Juru was a focal point for unharnessed magical energies (Juri magic), and the local Kryptonians evolved into Kryptonian magi as a result of their exposure to these energies. Those Kryptonians who gained these nascent mystic abilities interbred for hundreds of thousands of years, concentrating and strengthening the genetic predisposition.

Kryptonian magi are genetically identical to normal Kryptonians. The mysterious property that makes them Kryptonian magi is somehow "dominant" like a gene, the child of a normal Kryptonian and a Kryptonian magi will 50% of time be Kryptonian magi (unlike with Homo magi) and only 5% of Kryptonian had the magic gene. How and why this trait expresses itself has yet to be recorded, Kryptonian magi are an endangered humanoid alien race originating from the destroyed planet KryptonDel Im-Re, the wizard Thul-Kar are only survivors of Kryptonian Magi Race.

The Valley of Juru remained one of the few unexplored regions on the planet.Furthermore, its peaks and mists were not capable of being pierced by way of Kryptonian Technology though the mystical arts of the Wizards allowed them to easily bypass such obstacles, only Juri magic allowed their users to find the temple that served as the home for the Wizards of Juru.  The Wizards of Juru were an ancient order of Kryptonians that had tapped into the mystic arts and it was claimed that they were the mightiest race on Krypton. It was for this reason that the Wizards remained largely unknown to the rest of the planet. The Wizards of Juru were luddites, they didn't trust technology and new technology.

The Wizards of Juru Were the highest level users of magic on Krypton, they study OccultismMysticism called  The way of Rao  like the Raoism . 

By Jor El  time, The Wizard of Juru lived amongst ordinary men and practiced their rituals largely in secret. As such, as the planet advanced, many were unaware of the existence of the Wizards and Kryptonians believed that their homeworld was ruled by science alone and not by magic.

Powers and Abilities


Natural gift to channel magical energies and like Kryptonians, Kryptonian-Magi once outside their star system, acquire new abilities determined by the frequency of each sun's light and internal radiation. White stars, dwarf stars, and blue stars all give them different properties. Their cells are natural organic solar batteries that absorb and metabolize solar energy, giving them their various abilities. ( Doesn't apply to their magical powers.)

  1. Magic
    1. Mysticism
    2. Juru magic
  • Fire Magi- They are Fire Manipulators, they can Heal others and it can restore a Kryptonian's powers and abilities and possibly break a magic spell. (Fire Manipulation)
  • Water Magi- They are Water Manipulators, they can also control all three states of water. They have the ability to possession, mind control and place others under a form of temporal stasis, and essences transfer, also has the potential to Heal others. (Water Manipulation and Cryokinesis)
  • Air Magi- They are Air Manipulators, they have the ability purity the possessed and heal others and Creation. (Air Manipulation
  • Earth Magi: (Writer notes: Kryptonian don't really have a sign for Earth.)-They are Earth Manipulators, they can grow Sunstones from their bodies or turn their bodies into Sunstones. They are immune to possession and have a higher resistance to magical attacks and resistance to kryptonite. They can heal themselves and make basic weapons like shield, swords, blades; and armor. Earth magi can see through lead.Crystal Generation

Kryptonian Magi possessed no other superhuman powers while living under a red sun. Had They existed on a world revolving around a yellow sun, they would have developed physical attributes equitable to that of Superman.


  • Through sorcery they can develop abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, elemental manipulation, teleport, flight, energy projection and molecular manipulations, and countless abilities.

Average Strength level

  • Kryptonian-magi can increase their strength with Magic to some unknown degree.


Like Kryptonians, Kryptonian-magi are effect by the following: 

  • Magic: Unlike their non magic using Kryptonian cousins Kryptonian-magi are more resisted to magical attacks.
  • Almost Immunity to Red Stars: The frequency of Kryptons red sun, real or synthetic, takes away a Kryptonian's powers. Doesn't affect Kryptonian-magi magic powers being they had them on Krypton.
  • Lead: Kryptonians cannot see through lead, exception Kryptonian-magi who are born Earth-magi, they can see through lead.
  • Dheronian Metal: Weapons made from Dheronian metal can injure Kryptonians to a limited degree.
  • Kryptonian Metal: Weapons made from Kryptonian metal can injure Kryptonians as easily as Humans.
  • Alien Organisms: Certain alien species can cause injury to Kryptonians.


Habitat: Krypton has been described as icy or crystalline.
Gravity: Usually much higher than on Earth.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: The Wizards of Juru council
Level of Technology: Unknown, luddites.
Cultural Traits: Rich, very xenophobic race that hardly ever left their homeworld.

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There isn't too much on magic using Kryptonian. There is Kal-El of (Earth33) and mention of the wizard Thul-Kar (Earth One) in The wizard of Juri. They don't tell much. These Kryptonian Magi (like Homo Magi) must be rare gene.


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