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Mari Grayson
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Green Lantern Corps, Justice League the interstellar division

Richard Grayson (Father) Koriand'r (Mother)


Base Of Operations
Earth, Sector 2814





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Quote1 "I'm too childish? First off, my dad's the original Boy Wonder. Kind of my birthright. Second, you see this ring, hear this oath? I got the galaxy's toughest gig here! A little laughter is needed, or I crack!" - Mari flipping out on a rookie lantern. Quote2

Mari Kara Grayson, is the daughter of Richard Grayson (Nightwing) and his wife, Kori (Starfire), in the alternate timeline of Earth 832. Like most of her family and friends, she followed in her parents' footsteps and became a superhero. Although, unlike any of her alternate counterparts, she did not choose the codename of Nightstar. Instead, she was chosen to be another Green Lantern of sector 2814.


Born in the year of 2024, Mari was born of the two former Titans, Nightwing and Starfire. Now, while her parents were uneasy about the idea, she followed in her parents' footsteps and became a part of the next generation of heroes. Although, unlike most, she had not chosen her own identity and codename. She had been chosen to be one of the many Green Lanterns for sector 2814, selected by the ring previously belonging to the Green Lantern, Ch'p. Since then, She has been a part of the Green Lantern Corp, and a member of the Justice League on Earth, particular the interstellar division.


Mari tends to take after her parents, being cheerful, kind-hearted, and trying to bring a jovial nature to the hero business. That said, she is not to be confused for weak-minded and naïve. She cares deeply for others, and will strive to defend and protect the innocent. For those who try to harm the innocent, are frequently met with her righteous anger, and will be justly punished.

Being a Green Lantern, she is one of great will power. She is a determined individual. She is a competitive fighter, and will look for any kind of loophole in achieving victory. This way of thinking has been sourced from the many teachers in her life (her father, Kilowog, and of course, The Batman himself). It is evident by the many, unique constructs that she makes, that she is one of a very creative imagination. And judging by her relationship with the Corp, she is one to believe in the justice system with a firm sense of faith.

That said, she is not a stickler for strict behavior. She is quite the free spirit and liberal minded, quite like her mother. She is kind hearted, and indeed enjoys to have fun when not on duty. And surprisingly, is both very "social" yet isn't one for commitment. To her father's chagrin, She is very "social" with many partners, both earthling and alien. One of her most frequent "flings", being the aged Czarnian bounty hunter, Lobo.

She cherishes all of her friends, family, and teammates with a great passion, and defends them with her life. The most notable teammates being Arianna Roth (Miss Fate), Rick Sage (Query), and even the likes of Lobo.

Physical Appearance

As one can see, she is pretty much the spitting image of her mother. Right down to the orange-tan skin and the long, flowing mane of crimson hair. The exceptions of her human heritage being her eyes. Rather than the emerald eyes and pupils of her mother, she has her father's piercing blue eyes. It is only when she wearing her lantern ring, that she is with bright, glowing green eyes (with pupils in the shape of the lantern logo).

When out of uniform, she is seen wearing casual, earth-based clothes of the colors blue and purple. When in uniform and wearing her Lantern ring, her uniform consist of green and black clothes, primarily a midriff top, sporting the lantern logo, a green belt, black shorts, and bright green, leg-high boots. On her hands are to be long, white, fingerless gloves with her ring on the middle finger of her left hand.


"In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power--Green Lantern's fragging' bastiche!"

Powers and Abilities


Tamaranean/Human: Mari's physiology constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy.

  • Energy Absorption: She can also absorb the ultraviolet radiation from other life forms. She once used this application of her power to weaken a group of Kryptonians who otherwise require ultraviolet radiation to maintain their superhuman abilities.
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection: Gifted by her Tamaranean heritage, Mari can project incredibly powerful bright green-colored energy from her hands, activated by righteous fury. Her energy attacks produce both thermal energy and highly explosive results on contact. She can augment the effectiveness of her punches by surrounding her hands in energy, and can also use this method to weld or carefully burn through obstacles with contact from her hands. A chiming sound is heard when using her star bolts."
    • starbolts: Mari can mainly discharges circular bolts of pure radioactive energy, which are usually launched as thrown circular projectiles. These tend to come in handy whenever her ring runs out of power. It is suggested to be as hot as the sun itself and so only uses this in dire situations.
    • Star bolt Waves: She has also been shown to shoot this energy in the form of waves from her hands.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Superhuman Agility: possesses highly advanced agility and reflexes. Her natural fighting skills are much greater when in conjunction with her superhuman reflexes, durability, and agility. She is able to remain awake and battle endlessly for several hours.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Trained by her father (Dick Grayson), her adopted grandfather (Bruce Wayne), and her GL mentor, Kilowog. Her training has made her a formidable hand-to-hand combatant able to defeat or hold her own against multiple opponents, armed opponents or skilled hand-to-hand combatants.
Among the varies of skills taught to her by her father, are the detective skills passed down from her adopted grandfather's training. With said detection, she can deduce the source and actions beforehand of a crime scene. This is usually assisted by the environmental playback of her power ring.
It with this great concentration that she can be quite masterful in the use and functions of her GL ring.

Strength level



  • Vulnerability to Metallic Chromium: like many Tamaraneans, she is allergic to Metallic Chromium. When she sneezes, she unleashes her bright green glowing starbolt energy out her nose and mouth which is highly destructive.
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Depletion: Should she be deprived of ultraviolet radiation to strengthen her, she will slowly weaken.
  • Yellow Impurity: As a Green Lantern, Mari is naturally weak to the yellow energy of the Yellow Lantern Power Ring used by the Yellow Lantern Corp . When exposed to the energy she often times finds herself losing power drastically as her ring is sapped slowly.
  • Recharge Protocol: the rings needed to be charged after a period of one planetary axial rotation (dependent on each ring's location), regardless of how often it was used. Currently, the rings retain a charge until they run out of power. This variability ensures that the wearer takes great effort to keep it charged.
  • Lack of natural flight: Due to being half human, Mari is denied the natural Tamaranean ability of flight. Although she is capable of making up for this with her ring, she can be vulnerable if her ring is disarmed or out of power.





  • Green Lantern Ring
    • Energy Construct Creation: As a Green Lantern she is able to impose her will on the green light utilized by her corp and mold it into the shape of various tools and vehicles to which she can use for combat. she is often seen creating swords/hammers for her to use in melee combat or energy duplicates of the original Justice League in order to overpower her opponents.
      • Force Field: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds. This is indeed helpful for due to her human heritage, Mari is denied the natural ability of flight. With the flight granted by her ring, her fastest speed is clocked at Mach 10.
    • Flight
    • Limited Cellular Regeneration - The ring has an ability to heal physical injuries; this seems to be a feature held over from the previous incarnations of the ring. Green Lantern can use the ring to repair injuries in himself or others.
    • Universal Translator - Keeping in mind the myriad of worlds, life forms, and cultures throughout the cosmos, it is understandable why the Guardians added a translation system to the power ring. The power ring can translate virtually any language in the universe, facilitating diplomatic encounters. This is helpful if Mari is ever faced with a language she cannot naturally assimilate.
    • Emergency Beacon - A Green Lantern in distress can use his/her/its power ring as an emergency beacon. The alert can be directed to a Green Lantern's neighboring sector, or it can be a Corps-wide alert.
    • Environmental Playback - Upon request, the power ring can recreate a holographic environment based on data in its memory banks. The ring wielder can observe events in a ghostlike state, but the ring wielder cannot alter the outcome of the playback. Mari tends to use such, assisted by her detective skills, to deduce crime scenes of matters.
    • Security Protocol - The rings can be programmed. They are coded to the wearer to make them unusable if stolen. With her own sense of humor, Mari has her ring programmed into accepting the recorded phrase: "My dad's kind of a bastiche", although if spoken in Tamaranean.


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  • It is most likely that she is named after her grandmother, Mary Grayson.
  • Oddly enough, she seems to have a habit of repeating phrases after people: Similar to her mother, she tends to exclaim "X'hal!" when stressed. Like Lobo, she uses terms like "Bastiche!" and "Fragging'" when angered. And in the few moments that she is doubting herself, she refers to herself as a "poozer", a phrase made famous by the Green Lantern, Kilowog.
  • It is constantly acknowledged that she looks up to the heroes of the past. This is evident as she makes constructs of the original Justice League in battle.
  • Similar to her mother, she sees her teammates as family. This is evident when she refers to Arianna Roth as her sister, Rick Sage as a brother, Garfield Logan (The Spectre III) as "Uncle Garfield". And even calls Batman himself as "Grandpa".
  • Mari has stated in her own words: "Aww, Lobo's a good fella, just ain't boyfriend material."
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