This is a one-shot of where I believe The Joker (portrayed by Heath Ledger) was during the events of The Dark Knight Rises.


Arkham Asylum was quiet. All the prisoners were oddly in their holding cells. It was strange; they never actually STAYED in their holding cells. Normally the villains would just bust out and escape, causing more mayhem in Gotham than they're already was. The most quiet room of all was the Maximum Security holding cell, which held one man; The Joker.

The Joker was a homicidal maniac. Everybody feared him, and everybody feared that one day he'd escape and destroy Gotham. Some disagree to this, now that Batman had returned. But others still thought that a fire would rise, and Joker would burn down the streets. But still no noise came from the Clown Prince of Crime's cell. All you could hear is Joker humming Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5.

Footsteps were heard running up and down the hallways. Joker looked through the hole in the doorway to see the other cells being opened up. Many men in orange jumpsuits walked out, confused and shocked. Now realizing that somebody is there letting them all out, Joker began to pound on the door. "Let me out! Let me out!" he shrieked, kicking and punching on the door.

A voice went off on the loudspeaker. "Prisioners of Arkham Asylum." The voice was muffled and hard to understand. "I am not here to hurt you. I am here to ask for you're help. My name is Bane. The Batman has returned to Gotham City, and I ask that you all come help me take you're city back.

It's been eight long years since you all last saw the Dark Knight. He's most likely unfamiliar with Gotham, now that lots has changed. If you do not join me, fair enough. But I WILL come after you, and you will most likely die." Bane tossed a knife into the air and caught the handle part of it. "Now, come and join me."

The entire prison was silent. Until one man spoke up. "Hell yeah I'll help!" he shouted. "Better than being stuck in here!" Most of the other prisoners screamed in agreement. "Yeah! Yeah!" Bane marched out of the building, and was followed by his thugs and the prisoners. Joker sat and stared out his window.

"Why so serious?" he asked himself, thinking about Bane's plan. A smile came across his face, and he began to chuckle. His laughing became louder, and louder, and louder. "WHY SO SERIOUS?" he repeated, and laughed even more. Joker broke the window and ran off into the streets, laughing. "Loosen up, Bane!" he continued laughing. "Put a smile on you're face!" The prisoners watched him in horror as he ran down the highway, and before they knew it, he was gone.