Young Justice Beyond version of Legion ring a piece of technology from the 31st century that gives the wearer the abilities of time travel and flight. It is worn by each member of Young Justice Beyond on the middle finger of their right hand. Note: Both ring have Nth metal (possesses innate anti-magical properties, is hyperconductiveand is able to invert mesons and gravitons. They give the wearer the power of flight whether they possess it naturally or not, provides telepathic communication with other people who possess a ring, can be used as a location beacon and can generate a personal environmental field, allowing the wearer to travel in space. Also has a Universal Translator built in.


When time lost Terry McGinnis was trap in 2011, Batman (Bruce Wayne) gave him a Legion ring go get home. In 2055 Terry made three versions for his wife and kids. Later when Casey McGinnis and Cassandra McGinnis started Young Justice Beyond, Casey made the YJB Time Rings


  • The rings are activated by conscious will power.
  • Also these rings are key to each member and can't be used by others.
  • some of the rings can control time by freezing it and watching it without being involved.
  • Or allow the wear to reverse their age or advance it for limited times.
  • Wear of the rings are not affected by temporal flux as long as the rings are charged.


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